Sunday, April 26, 2009

as the world turn me down....

world says: ok...enough...give up!

hope whispers: nope...give it a more time...

this is what suffocated me awhile...

as i want to try another time....i'm scared of the outcome....the the evil part of me said 'ok that's enough'

dear miss evil and miss angel:

why you make my life so complicated? am i that stupid to be fooled by you two? i've once being fooled by them, and now you're turn? come on, give me some space to live here. i am human, why can't you be nicer, even for once? now maybe the last time for me, as there is no more...but why even till now u can't tolerate? why both of u hate me soo much?

dear old character...

From a far
I saw your smile
It’s bring sunshine to me
Even I know that smile never meant for me
Today I saw you sour face
My heart beating like in race
Cracking my head to wonder why
Even I failed I still want to try
Forever hope you are mine
Even though is out of mind
My wishful dreaming is worth to try

coming to end of my journey

i saw that face

but now with mix feeling

love, hate, confused, hope

forever hope it changed after a while

but wishing it never die

lock inside my precious heart

forever as it's you that worth

for now...

am i too greedy all this while?